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Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (>10100 Titles)

Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE)

Search Engines/Databases/IR Harvesters – Multi Subject

J –Gate@UGC – INFONET (J-Gate Plus) (> 44,000 Journals)

Web of Science (> 18,000 Journals)

EBSCO Database (Business Management and Social Sciences)


SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts 1907+)

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

ASME Digital Collections

ASCE Library

IET Digital Library

Google Scholar

DOAJ (> 1.8 Million Articles from >10100 Journals)

ResearchGate (Scientific Social Network)

HighWire Press

BASE – Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (68.2 Million records)


E-Books-Licensed (Perpetual)

Springer E Books ( about 25632 Titles) (2005-2010), (2013-2014)

Taylor & Francis E-Books (about 3720 titles)

Pearson E-Books (about 439 titles)

McGrawHill E-Books (about 142 titles)

ProQuest e-book central (about 21814 titles)

Full Text E-Journals-UGC-Infonet

American Chemical Society (37 Titles)

American Institute of Physics(18 Titles)

American Physical Society(10 Titles)

Annual Reviews(33 Titles)

Blackwell – Wiley(908 Titles)

Cambridge University Press(224 Titles)

Economic & Political Weekly( 1 Titles)

Elsevier Science(1036 Titles)

Emerald (LIS Collection)(29 Titles)

Institute of Physics(46 Titles)

JSTOR(1401 Titles)

Kamla-Raj Enterprises(21 Titles)

Nature(01 Titles)


Oxford University Press (206 Titles)

Portland Press (9 Titles)

Project Muse (411 Titles)

Royal Society of Chemistry (29 Titles)

SIAM (14 Titles)

Springer Link (1389 Titles)

Taylor and Francis (1173 Titles)

Information Gateways-Subject-Specific


Internet Directory of Botany

Scott’s Botanical Links – Subject Index


Ecology WWW Page


English Literature on the Web

English Literature Forum

                                                                                  Engineering and Technology:

Engineering Information Gateway

Information Technology Gateway (SIGIT)


ViFaTec: Engineering Gateway

Information Technology Gateway


Biology Browser


Mathematics WWW Virtual Library@FSU

Math on The Web

The Mathematical Atlas

                                                                                  Political Science:

Political Science Resources

Political Parties: World List

Human Security Gateway

                                                                                   Social Science:

SOSIG: Social Science Information Gateway

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