New Initiatives

Green Library Project

The green library or sustainable library is a new concept and it is gaining popularity among the library professionals. The word Green has a great importance here for a healthy survives. Over the past few years there are increasing interest towards green revolution in every sector and library is one of them.


University’s vision is to reinvent a green space for users. A clean area for users with new dimensions, informative boards, corners for deep studies & group discussions, a space for heritage walks. This concept of Green Library provides a study atmosphere in a natural-green environment with luxurious greenery.

Main goal of the project is educating the users, spreading the awareness of a sustainable society and necessity of nature protection through: Green library web page, documentary projections, lectures, public discussions and book promotions. On based on extension library service, the Bangalore university library would like to take “Green Library” initiative to provide better and comfortable services to our library users on vision of “R3: Read,Relax, Refresh”.

Carrier Information Resource Centre

Bangalore University Library established the CIRC in the year 2015 setting and achieving the Career goals, offer an environment for people to investigate different Jobs, find the appropriate Training and develop the necessary skills for the work force CIRC collection of current content, General Knowledge, Competitive examination Book Materials like UPSC,UGC,GATE, Railway, Banking and Karnataka Public Services Commission conducting examinations, etc.,

Language Lab

ICT Enabled Skills Lab

To Cater the National Skills development requirements of Skill India Station-e has envisaged the concept of skills lab where it comes to teaching–learning of skills, classroom culture of theoretical discussion may not prove to be adequate and effective in imparting the right skills to the youth therefore we have developed a futuristic skills lab.

Skills lab is a lab equipped with next generation technology for various skills such as Communicative English, Computing skills, leadership skills, team work, goal setting, interview skill, group discussion, resume building and other life and soft skills to be imparted, learnt, maintained and measured. Most of the students from rural background, many of the students to learn many languages like Indian Regional Languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.,

Information centre for persons with disability

Bangalore University set up a Braille Resource centre at its Central College Campus in 2012 with the ambition of having the best assistive technologies available in the world today for its visually challenged students with disabilities such as blindness and low vision study into PG Depts. and affiliated and autonomous colleges.

Braille Resource Centre is with Bengaluru Central University, in the same module, we have to set up an Information Resource Centre for the disabled. So kindly take necessary steps to shifting the CIRC, ICT Enabled Skills lab and information Center for persons with disability to the newly renovated (Cafeteria) building with the infrastructures like Electronic Gadgets, Furniture’s, Software and other related things.